Products and services

Vacu-form products are on sale in a multitude of markets requiring our packaging and technical product solutions including the construction and landscape gardening sector, in the automotive industry and in the food and non-food branch.

At Vacu-form changing requirements are always integrated into new remit formats.

We set great store by optimised manufacturing structures. We focus on the systematic implementation of lean production and lead administration. Always at the leading edge of technology, we enable our customers an optimum of added value. Vacu-form devises the best solution for each individual application. The development of new products and high quality processing constitute the core of our production process.

We employ the extrusion process to manufacture our own cost-effective sheet material for further processing on our deep drawing machines, which meet the highest technical requirements. Our own quality department complete with a modern laboratory ensures the uniform high standard of our products. From first enquiry to service – everything is handled under one roof. The advantage for our customers is that we can assure short lead times, low production costs and uniform high quality products.